Why Is My Toilet Leaking Around The Base?

Why Is My Toilet Leaking Around The Base? So, your toilet is leaking around the base. Water is everywhere on the floor. You want immediate help to fix the issue. Toilet bowl leak can be frustrating since you cannot control water flow. If you do not address it fast, it can impact your health.

Also, the condition might be irreparable after a time. Therefore, once you notice any leaking around the base of your toilet, try to address it immediately. If you are clueless about the cause, you can hire an experienced professional in Singapore. A plumber can help with a lasting and quick solution.

However, if you want to give it a try, you can consider the following.

Causes of Leaking Around the Base & Solutions

Tighten or Replace Tee Bolts

Why Is My Toilet Leaking Around The Base?

Have you noticed the plastic caps on the toilet base? If not yet, you can observe now to find those caps. These caps cover the tee bolts, and those bolts keep your toilet in place. However, when these bolts are loose, the base might start leaking. The same can happen with broken bolts.

If loose bolts are the reason, you can reposition your toilet. First, keep your toilet in the proper position, and then you can tighten the bolts. But if you find that bolts are not tightening, you will have to replace them. Otherwise, you will experience the same problem.

If it is a common plumbing issue, and you can fix it without hiring a professional. But if the bolts are not the culprit, you will have to remove the wax ring.

Replace the Wax Ring

Replacing a wax ring is not easy. You might find it hard to do without any help. Therefore, make sure that you understand the process. If you feel that you can do it, you can give it a try. Otherwise, check with professionals. Here are a few tips that can help you to replace a wax ring.

  • Take a picture of the base of your toilet: It will help you to find the right one in the store. If you are confused, you can show the picture to an expert or even the shop owner. They can help you in this regard. Get the right wax ring, and now it is time to replace the old one with it.
  • Stop water supply: First, you will have to stop the water supply. For this, you can shut off the water valve and that you can find behind your toilet. Now, flush the toilet to remove all the possible sitting water.

    When it comes to leftover water removal, you will have to unscrew the nut and catch the water in a bucket. Before removing the toilet, you will have to remove all the sitting water from the toilet bowl.
  • Remove the Wax Ring: Detach your toilet’s water supply line, and then you can remove the bolts. Once you remove the tee bolts, you can safely lift the toilet. While doing so, you will have to be a bit careful. Otherwise, it might fall and break. Also, you might injure yourself without taking proper precautions.

    Now, place the toilet on its side and remove the wax ring. You will have to remove the leftover residue and dried wax. After removing the old one, you can attach the new wax ring.
  • Install the New One: Get the new wax ring and install it properly. You will have to place it in the way the old one was installed. You will have to install the new one over the flange, and then you can tight the tee bolts. After this, you will have to reinstall the toilet.
  • Reposition Your Toilet: Now, you can reposition your toilet to the original place. While reinstalling, you will have to ensure that you have positioned it in the right place. You can use your body weight to push the base into the new wax ring and create a strong seal.

    It will help to strengthen the seal, and then you can tight the tee bolts. However, you will have to avoid overtightening. After this, you can reconnect the toilet water supply line. Use the flush and closely observe the base to find out any leaking.

Why Is My Toilet Leaking Around The Base? – Conclusion

Why Is My Toilet Leaking Around The Base?

Toilet bowl leak can cause functionality issues. Also, any toilet leak will increase your water bill and cause inconvenience. Therefore, you will have to fix it with the first appearance itself to minimize the repair cost.

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