When Should I Call For a Plumber in Singapore?

When Should I Call For a Plumber in Singapore? Many homeowners aren’t sure when they can fix the plumbing problem themselves and when there is the need to call a plumber in Singapore. To help you make this decision, we will share a few situations in which calling plumbers make complete sense in Singapore.

1. Choked pipes:

When pipes get choked in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home, it becomes really difficult for you to use any tap. The reason for the same is that the water will not drain away. When the water does not drain away, it will drip from the sink and eventually fall on the floor.

That is why choked pipes are almost an emergency. If there is a choked pipe in your home, it makes perfect sense to call the plumber.

Not only that, you should try and call the plumber as soon as possible. Only when you fix the problem will it become easier for you to use the taps in your home.

2. Pipe leakage:

When Should I Call For a Plumber in Singapore?

Leakage is another problem which can break a walk in your home. Any kind of leakage can result in extensive damage to your home. A pipe can leak because of various reasons like vibration, wear and tear, climate, and so on. Instead of ignoring the leakage, it is a much better idea to call the plumber.

Only the plumbers can fix the water pipe leak. The plumber, after proper examination, will determine whether to mend the pipe or to replace it. It means that whenever you notice pipe leakage in your home, make sure that you call a plumber. Only the plumber will be able to provide you with a solution to the problem.

3. No hot water:

When Should I Call For a Plumber in Singapore?

Hot water is a necessity in our homes. You can use it not just for bathing, but also for cleaning utensils, and so on. The applications of hot water are quite a few. If you do not get hot water in your home, only a plumber will fix this problem. The plumbers will look at the heater as well as the pipe leakage.

Once the plumber identifies the problem, after that he/she can solve it as well. No matter how hard you try, you cannot fix this problem on your own. That is why; it is another situation in which you need to call for a plumber.

4. Clogged toilet bowl:

A toilet bowl can easily clog over time. A clogged toilet bowl can also result due to the improper installation of the toilet bowl. The most common cause of the clogged toilet bowl is not easier to solve. They need proper expertise. The toilet bowl might need to be removed and reinstalled as well.

Only a plumber can remove the toilet bowl, fix the problem, and install it again. Not only that, when the toilet bowl gets clogged, diagnosing the problem is not that easy either. A professional plumber can easily diagnose the problem and fix it in a short time as well.

Thus, when you face the clogged toilet bowl, call a plumber almost instantly.

5. Leaking faucet:

When Should I Call For a Plumber in Singapore?

The faucet suffers from constant wear and tear. They have moving parts inside them as well. That is why over time, they can start leaking as well. The problem is that dismantling the four sides, fixing the problem, and assembling them again is not an easy task.

Without proper experience and training, you can do all this.

Not only that, if you do not put it back together properly, the faucet will not work. In that case, a water source will get clogged as well. If you ignore the leakage of the faucet, it will consistently drip water, and therefore, water will get wasted as well.

Due to these reasons, when you notice a leaking faucet, make sure that you call a plumber. The plumber can prevent water wastage and fix the faucet in no time.

When Should I Call For a Plumber in Singapore? – Conclusion

When Should I Call For a Plumber in Singapore?

Thus, instead of procrastinating on calling a plumber, make sure that you call a plumber if you notice any of these problems. Most of these problems are quite serious. A normal homeowner will not be able to fix these problems himself or herself. Ignoring these problems is not a solution either.

It means that when you face such situations, call a plumber.

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