How to Prevent Toilet Bowl Choke?

How to Prevent Toilet Bowl Choke? The clogging of toilet bowl is one of the most common plumbing problems experienced by homeowners all over the world. It can be very frustrating situation for them. In order to know what to do in such situation they usually call a number of plumbing services in their area.

The main reason behind this panicking condition is that the clogged toilet bowl can also damage water supply along with giving bad smell and ugly sight due to overflow. It can be a messy situation for the homeowners as it can end up in damaging plumbing pipes as well as floors when a professional plumber will be called to manage the situation either by repairing the plumbing system or replacing the toilet bowl. However this situation can be avoided if you know how to prevent toilet bowl chokes. Some easy-to-follow tip provided in this write-up can help you in ensuring the proper functioning of your toilet bowl.

Flush the toilet twice:


Though toilet can be cleaned away just with a single flush but in case of bigger jobs you should flush it twice to ensure its proper cleaning. Technically a toilet can possibly clean human waste easily but the chances of its clogging can increase due to excessive use of toilet paper to clean up the job. Sometimes, the toilet paper cannot be flushed out completely. It balls up due to dissolving of its outer layer only. So you should flush it repeatedly until the entire toilet paper is flushed out. However, you can reduce the chances of clogging of toilet bowl by flushing the used toilet paper in smaller quantities instead of all of it in one time.

Check what you are flushing:


Toilet bowls are designed to flush out toilet paper and what comes out of human body. It cannot flush out any kind of garbage as it is not designed for things like baby diapers and wipes as they can clog the toilet bowl even if their size is not too big. Sometimes homeowners flush certain things that can be avoided easily like facial wipes and tissues, facial paper towels, napkins, hair, cotton swabs, and floss as well as other hygienic products used by women. So to prevent the clogging of toilet bowl you should see what you are going to flush in it.

Removing tree roots:


Normally clogged toilets can be cleared out by using plunger but if your toilet overflows very frequently even after cleaning it thoroughly then there must be some other problem in your plumbing system. The roots of the trees growing nearby your plumbing system can also be one of the reasons of clogged toilet bowl. These tree roots can also damage your plumbing system by growing under the ground and clog the drainage system of the toilet.

In this situation you can prevent the clogging of your toilet bowl you should call a plumber to get rid of these damaging roots and ensure to control their further growth in future. You can also prevent the haphazard growth of the tree roots by using root killing solutions at .least once a year by following the instructions printed on their package. You can also search for other methods to prevent the clogging of your toilet bowl but the best one is to call a professional toilet cleaning service to manage the situation effectively.

Avoid placing things on the flush tank of the toilet:


Sometimes people use the toilet tank as an additional countertop and put various types of things on them like soap, brushes and extra toilet paper etc. These items can fall into the toilet bowl accidentally to choke it. So to prevent the clogging of your toilet bowl you should avoid using your toilet tanks as a counter to place anything anytime.

Try to get rid of the problem as soon as possible:


If the drainage system of your toilet is working slowly then it can be a clear sign that there is something wrong in its drainage system. You can prevent the clogging of your toilet by correcting the problem before it becomes bigger and damaging.

Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up – How to Prevent Toilet Bowl Choke? – you can easily prevent the clogging of your toilet bowl regardless of your location in this world.

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