What Happens When A Toilet Clogs?

What Happens When A Toilet Clogs? Are you having a tough time keeping your toilet clean? Does your toilet clogs every now and then? Clean, sanitized, and properly maintained toilets are at the heart of maintaining appropriate hygiene at your home.

But achieving this requires a lot of effort and hard work. Here is an article to help you out! Read along and find out all about why a toilet clogs. As a bonus, you will also get suggestions on how to unclog your toilet.

What Happens When A Toilet Clogs? –
Why do toilet clogs occur?

The most common culprits of repeated toilet clogs are listed below:

Old model toilet

Traditional toilets do not always provide the necessary pressure needed to drain. You can find out if your toilet is an old model or a new one. Check the back of your toilet for the date stamp. If the manufacturing year is somewhere in the 1990s, then you probably have a low-flow toilet belonging to the first generation.

Flushing foreign objects

What Happens When A Toilet Clogs?

Sometimes toilets can also get clogged when you try to flush foreign objects. While some non-flushable items might fit into the toilet bowls, they create clogs on reaching the pipes. Things like trash, napkins, toys, etc. are objects that should never be flushed.

Blocked toilet trap

The curved porcelain fixture installed into the lower part of your toilet is the toilet trap. This can hold stagnant water. If non-flushable items are flushed into the toilet, it can block the toilet trap and create a clog. A clogged toilet trap acts as an obstacle between your toilet and the principal drain line.

Plumbing vent issue

Plumbing systems are designed for stopping air pressure vacuums which might affect the drain flow. With time, small items such as leaves, dust, sticks, twigs, etc. can clog these vents. A blocked plumbing vent decreases the drain flow and creates clogs regularly.

Hard water problem

At times, the hardness of the water used in the households can create clogging problems. The higher the amount of minerals present in the water, the harder the water becomes. Hard water minerals tend to get accumulated into the toilet system and create problems in its proper functioning.

What to do when your toilet clogs?

Try out any one of the below-mentioned tips to have squeaky clean and clog-free toilets:

Use a plunger

What Happens When A Toilet Clogs?

This is one of the most basic tools when it comes to unclogging your toilet. While using, place the plunger into your toilet bowl. Then, gently push it down. Avoid pushing down forcefully. Next, pump it down and have a good seal. Once done, pull the plunger sharply to break the air seal.

Apply home-made cleaning aids

What Happens When A Toilet Clogs?

Pour a cup of baking soda into your toilet. Wait for some time. Then, take two cups of vinegar and pour it into the toilet as well. Let the blend of vinegar and baking soda react between themselves to create bubbles. Then, flush your toilet to check if the clog still exists. If it remains, repeat the process.

Try heatwave

What Happens When A Toilet Clogs?

Heat some water in a container. Pour it carefully into the toilet drain. Let it sink in for some moments. Observe whether the clogged water has started to drain. Flush the toilet once or twice to check whether the clogs have been broken properly.

Choose household bleach

Pour two to three cups of household bleach into your toilet. After one to two minutes pour some powdered soap. Next, heat some water and pour it again carefully. After ten to fifteen minutes, flush your toilet. You can also use dish soap as an alternative to household bleach.

Opt for a hanger

Unwind a wire coat hanger. Wrap a piece of cloth around the hanger hook so that it does not damage the porcelain. Wear rubber gloves and push down the hanger slowly into the drain. Stop when you find the clog. As you observe water draining, flush the toilet repeatedly to clear the clog.

What Happens When A Toilet Clogs? – Conclusion

If you try out all the probable solutions but the problem still persists, then it’s time to consult a plumber. Experienced and professional plumbers are the best people to go to when a toilet clogs. They have the required expertise and the right set of tools.

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