8 Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Bathroom plumbing is actually the most specialist task in all projects of bathroom refurbishment. Ensuring that bathroom plumbing is functioning properly is very critical to every home. Read on to know the 8 bathroom plumbing tips!

Whether you are building a new addition, upgrading fixtures, or just maintaining day to day plumbing functions, understanding what to do may reduce damage and frustration.

Basically, some plumbing problems are not avoidable and might sometimes require the service of a professional plumber. However, others can be possible to avoid, if the following useful bathroom plumbing tips are adhered to in the right way.

1.Hire a professional plumber

8 Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Instead of trying to solve any plumbing issue on your own, hire the service of a professional plumber to do it for whenever there is one. In Singapore, there are great companies or contractors with skilled and experienced plumbers.

There are experts at dealing with complex and emergency plumbing issues. Hiring a professional plumber to handle your bathroom plumbing issues can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

They understand well how the whole system works and therefore ensuring every part is working properly.

2.Consider using your DIY capabilities

In fact, most people across the world like rolling up their sleeves and having some hard-work done. That is great, but it is good to be sure you fully understand your weaknesses and strengths in terms of bathroom plumbing.

For instance, can you know how to bend solder joints and metal pipes? Basically, there might not be a reason why you could not learn how to handle simple plumbing issues, but maybe learning-on-the-job would not be the best idea.

Sometimes it might be sensible to have a good plumber to go over your intended approaches and plans, even if you are planning to do much of your work yourself. Remember that you only need to consider using your DIY capabilities if the problem is not complex and can be easily solved by yourself.

3.Create a plan to determine your budget

It is also important to understand that giving your bathroom a brand new look or fixing new fixtures in it will involve quite some money, so you really need to create a detailed plan about all the things you want to have in your bathroom.

This will help you determine how much amount of money you will need to complete your mission. While creating your plan, do not forget to consider the energy efficiency factor. For example, consider going green if you want to fix new fixtures in your bathroom.

Going green will help conserve the environment and help you save some cash on your utility bills. These days, most bathroom faucets and fixtures are energy efficient and they are affordable to every homeowner.

4.Prevent frozen pipes

Frozen pipes hinder the proper functioning of your bathroom plumbing systems. They leave your home without running water and increase the risk of the pipes bursting.

To prevent this, when the water is extremely cold to the level of freezing, make sure the water heater is turned on to heat to prevent cold water from freezing in the pipes.

However, if the pipes have already frozen and you want to ensure that you always get warm water coming in, use a space heater in an interval of 15 minutes and never leave your water heater unattended.

You can also choose to leave your bathroom faucets running if the water is not yet frozen and your local weather forecasts any overnight freeze.

5.Do not ignore small plumbing issues

8 Bathroom Plumbing Tips

It is important to know that in most cases, plumbing services cost significantly because most people ignore small plumbing problems and seek professional help only when the situation has worsened.

Ignoring an occasional overflow of your toilet is very dangerous and may result in major issues. In fact, toilet overflow is one of the most obvious problems when it comes to bathroom plumbing. It’s recommended to turn on cold water in the basin or bathtub if the water level appears to overflow.

This will slow down the water and can somehow prevent it from overflowing until the actual problem is identified by a professional plumber. It is therefore important to be vigilant and detect any little issue in your bathroom plumbing systems.

6.Repair leaky faucets immediately

Never wait for a leak to aggravate before repairing or fixing it. In fact, small drips from any leaky faucet can greatly increase your monthly water bill. Leaky faucets can typically waste a lot of gallons of water daily if the issue goes unresolved.

So, it’s very important to repair any leaky faucets immediately. Regular maintenance of your faucets can as well help to prevent possible wear and tear.

In addition, if you are experiencing water overflow in your toilet bowl, turn off the water-line and seek the service of a professional plumber right away and this will help you to stop any further damage.

7.If there isn’t enough pressure, avoid using several fixtures

8 Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Often, plumbing is affected by crowded residential properties that can lead to low water-mains pressure in your bathroom plumbing systems. In fact, weak pressure is the most annoying thing in a bathroom shower.

To prevent this, consider routing the pipes directly from the boiler or consider using fewer fixtures in your bathroom – you can ditch your dual shower head and bidet.

8.Perform occasional showerhead maintenance

8 Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Always make sure to inspect your showerhead from time to time. If it doesn’t allow the water to come through well, flushing the showerhead with clean water can help get rid of mineral deposits, which possibly clog the holes.

Alternatively, you can soak your showerhead in vinegar is also a great way of removing these mineral deposits from it.

You can also choose to change it if it fails to work properly, but most importantly, always hire an experienced plumber to give you assurance of getting the best bathroom plumbing services that you deserve.

8 Bathroom Plumbing Tips – Conclusion

Conclusively, ensuring that your bathroom plumbing systems are working properly is very important to every homeowner. With this article, 8 Useful Bathroom Plumbing Tips, you can greatly minimize the cost of maintaining your bathroom and enjoy its services as well.

Always seek the advice of a professional plumber whenever you have any plumbing related issue.

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