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My previous plumbing services done by another plumbing company was a disaster. The work was half done and the plumber left so quickly even before i have the chance to talk to him.
Good thing we found
Thank you for the great and trusted plumbing services!
Madam Lim Teck Chew
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Plumbing Services - Reliable And Experienced Plumber Singapore

24 Hours Plumber Singapore offer trusted Plumbing Services in Singapore.
We understand the problem of Toilet bowl choke, Floor trap choke, Copper pipe leaking and the need to replace kitchen sink or basin.
We provide Quality Plumbing Services at a Great Price!
Experience Plumbing Services and Plumber in Singapore
With Our Quality and Professional Service!
We provide services to:
Condos, Landed Properties, Offices, HDBs, Shops and Buildings.
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Quality Plumbing you can trust
Services and Rates
We provide Quality Plumbing Services at a Great Price!

Local Plumbing Services - Plumber Contractor

We provide services to:
Condos, Landed Properties, Offices, HDBs, Shops and Buildings.
Description of Services Rate
1. Clear lavatory bowl choke
$59.90 - $249.90 onwards
2. Clear floor trap choke
$39.90 - $149.90 onwards
3. Changing of normal Kitchen Sink/Basin Tap
$59.90 onwards
4. Supply & replace PVC bottle trap for kitchen sink
$39.90 onwards
5. Replace Sink/Basin/Cistern flexible hose
$19.90 - $39.90 onwards
6. Labour & materials to conceal exposed copper piping leakage
$80 onwards
7. Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphon
 $80 - $120 onwards
Detection of Water Leakage
8. Condominiums - Supply labour & equipments to detect water leaking concealed pipes
$119.90 - $199.90 onwards
9. Landed property - Same as above for condominiums & include underground pipes
$249.90 - $349.90 onwards
10. Commercial properties - Same as above for landed property
$499.90 onwards


A transportation, troubleshooting fee of $10 will be charged and will be waived off the total bill if there are any.
Clearing of toilet choke
Clearing of floor trap choke
Replacing destroy and basin tap
Labor & material to mend exposed copper pipe leak
Rectifying of water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphon.
Installing new basin/sink/tap

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Quality Plumbing services you can trust
My toilet was choked and my problem was rectify within 1 hour and so far no problem with choke anymore. Fast, prompt, affordable and great service!
Alfred Tan
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24 Hours Experienced Plumber Singapore and Plumbing Services

Plumbing work can be done by yourself, but having it fixed can be a very messy job if you do not have proper knowledge of plumbing. Plumbing services in Singapore are well-equipped with fast service, professional service, and quality plumbing job.

Sometimes it can be urgent to hire a plumber if you are doing it last minute when the problem is really bad and you cannot fix it yourself. Good qualified plumbers are always fast in getting the problem fix in a shortest period of time.

If you are ever faced with a situation where faulty plumbing is causing water leaks, there is only one sensible course of action. That is obviously to turn off the water supply altogether and wait for the qualified Plumber to come and access the situation. This is why it is important to always know where the stop cock is located in your home.

leave the problem until it is too late, when the problem get worst, it make the fixing even more troublesome. Make sure that you know how to turn off the electricity supply as well, as flooding can make electricity dangerous and to prevent electric shock.

If you think there is a danger, leave the situation to a trained professional as they will know how to handle it.

Hiring a professional plumber services can certainly save you time and protect your asset from water leaking problem.

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